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OTEM Vision
Committed to China and the world leading engineering plastics and products solution supplier, create value for the community and staff!
OTEM Mission
Our duty is to develop national industry, enhance national science and technology, build national " OTEM" brand.
OTEM Values
Capable of adapting for the development of the company, understanding the Doctrine of the Meanenterprise culture of the company.
Honest Creditable Diligent Responsible
OTEM Management Idea
Pursuit of customer satisfaction, integrity and quality services to achieve.
OTEM Service Principle
Customer-centric, to achieve customer higher demand according to quality, on time to meet the rate and satisfaction, With our efforts to ensure the customers success!
OTEM Demarche 
Communication Speed Challenge Change
OTEM Management Policy 
Regularized operation, information-based management and international development.
OTEM Development Strategy
Keep making the most of our experience and advantage of serving the super customers, meantime exploiting international market, and investing heavily in R&D to develop the Hi-Tech products such as high precision specialty plastics and moulds, so we can successfully enter into the high-end electronics, nuclear power and emerging market demand for industrial products market. We strive to be the leading specialty plastics and products solution supplier globally. 

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